How to keep your garden weed-free

How to keep your garden weed-free
    One of the main tasks you'll need to carry out in the garden during April is weeding. 

While it's arguably one of the least interesting of a gardener's tasks, it's essential groundwork that will ensure your plot looks perfect later in the year.

Getting an early start on this job will prevent you from having to deal with a major weed backlog in the future, so it makes sense to burn off some winter calories now rather than tire yourself out on those hot summer days.

Weeds can normally be dealt with manually, without resorting to chemical weedkillers. The Royal Horticultural Society recommends hoeing over a bed or between rows to kill weed seedlings.

It's best to do this on a dry day with a light wind, so that the seedlings will dry out on the surface of the bed rather than re-rooting into moist soil.

You can also hand-pull them or hand-weed using a fork. Pull up annuals before they go to seed – this is easier in lighter soils and should only be attempted where it will not disturb the roots of garden plants.

Perennial weeds can be dug out using a hand or border fork – remove them with as much root or bulb as possible.

Alternatively, you might want to use a weed knife, which is particularly useful for weeding between paving slabs and along path edging. A number of similar tools are available for tasks such as digging out dandelions on a lawn.

A strimmer or sickle-type weeder can be used to repeatedly cut weeds to ground level over several years, which will weaken and even kill some weeds.

Weed barriers are an effective preventative mechanism. Organic mulches or bark can be used to smother weeds around plants – keep them topped up to a minimum depth of 10-15 cm to smother established annual weeds.

Root barriers inserted into the soil to prevent the spread of perennial weeds such as ground elder and horsetail into neighbouring areas or gardens are another effective deterrent.

Finally, flame guns can also be used to tackle weeds on paving slabs and driveways. Why not try the Sheen X300 flame gun? Whatever your weeding needs, Mowdirect has you covered, with a range of tillers and other machinery to make the job easier.

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