April showers … or sunshine?

April showers … or sunshine?
    Now that you've begun preparing for April's jobs, you'll be keen to get outside and start gardening.

The days are getting longer again, meaning you might be able to spend some time outdoors in the evenings. Most jobs, however, will need to be done at the weekend.

While we'll all be hoping for plenty of sunny days in April, the British weather can rarely be relied upon. So what lies in store for us next month, weather-wise?

This weekend, high pressure is expected to dominate the north of the country, while low pressure will influence the weather in the south.

Dry and bright weather is therefore expected in the north, with occasional showers. Cloud will be more common in the east, with showery outbreaks and cooler conditions.

These patterns are forecast to continue into the first week in April, with frosty mornings in the north and west but dry and bright weather during the daytime. 

Across the south and east of the UK, an east to northeasterly wind will mean cloudy skies for the most part and a risk of further showers.

For the first half of the week, temperatures are expected to be around average or just below, but brighter and warmer periods could develop towards the end of the week.

A change could be on the cards at this point, however, with Atlantic systems beginning to push in, bringing wetter and windier conditions to the west of the country. The silver lining is that temperatures may rise a little.

The rest of the month looks set to be a typical April, with the sun gradually getting stronger and triggering showers – particularly in inland areas. Temperatures will be close to the monthly average.

Longer spells of rain are expected at times, predominantly affecting northern and western areas. Overall, the south is expected to experience sunnier and drier conditions.

So make the most of those drier and brighter conditions to get outside and do some gardening. After the extreme weather of the winter months, a normal April sounds like an appealing prospect. 

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