Bag a bargain scarifier to give you a perfect lawn this summer

The rain during the last few months has left many lawns with dead grass and loads of moss and this needs to be cleared away to allow for Spring growth.

The traditional way of clearing out the rubbish was with a tined rake, although this was one of the hardest of all gardening tasks and is responsible for many a dodgy back.

The easiest way if you have anything larger than a pocket handkerchief piece of grass is a modern scarifier, and we think this one currently on special offer, the Einhell BG-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier is an absolute bargain.

Einhell BG-SC scarifier
Best seller: Einhell BG-SC scarifier

It is one of the lowest priced machines in its class, benefits from German engineering and is suitable for lawns up to around 1000 sq metres.

It has 18 double sided steel blades which rotate to tease out moss as well as dead grasses which form a thatch and prevent moisture and nutrients getting to the roots.

For best results lawns should be scarified every four to six weeks, and the first time you carry out this you should leave off the collector and rake up the rubbish.

And you’ll be surprised at how much debris emerges if your lawn hasn’t been scarified for some time.

After the first time you can use the 45 litre catcher to collect it. It has six working heights to let you get the best result.

It is powered by a 118 cc engine and as the blades revolve the machine is dragged along so there is very little, if any, pushing.

It has a 40 cm working width and large wheels which make it easy to direct around garden obstacles and along flower beds and paths.

You can currently save £220 on the maker’s recommended retail price as it costs just £279.95.

In addition it has a two year warranty from Einhell and free next working day delivery from us.

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