Still time to grab a bargain Mountfield chain saw

After the recent gales there are plenty of fallen trees and branches which need clearing away and a good chain saw is essential when carrying out this task.

So here are three great deals from leading manufacturer Mountfield on top quality chainsaws at excellent prices.

First is the Mountfield MC438 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw with a 35cm guide bar, a machine ideal for cutting fallen branches and smaller trunks and pruning overhanging branches.

Mountfield MC 438 chain saw
Simple machine: Mountfield MC438 chain saw

A 37.2 cc engine is easy to start with no need for manual priming and a side tensioner to keep the chain in effective and safe working order.

The end of the chain bar has a sprocket nose to ease the chain around the end of the bar. And at 35 cm it is just the right length for smaller logs.

Automatic chain lubrication will give the chain a longer life but this can be done manually if you prefer, useful on tougher woods.

It has a chain brake engaged either by inertia or by hand.

It costs £149, £30 less than Mountfield’s recommended retail price and has a one year warranty. We deliver it free the next working day.

There are also special offers on a range of useful extras like a helmet complete with visor and ear muffs, safety gloves, chain and engine oil, spare chain and a fuel mixing bottle.

The Mountfield MC640 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw with a 40cm guide bar can cope with longer logs and undertake small scale felling.

Mountfield MC 640 chain saw
Small-scale felling: Mountfield MC 640 chainsaw

Remember now is the time to get this fallen wood cut up so that it can season all summer and be ready for next winter.

It has a 1.5 Kw 40.1 cc engine and a pump primer for easy starting. The sprocket nose at the end of the chain bar increases the saw’s life and makes it a far more efficient machine.

A side tensioner is easy to use and lubrication is either automatic or can be adjusted manually.

A double acting chain brake is a vital safety feature and this saw is light and easy to use for its power.

It costs £189, £20 less than the maker’s recommended price and has a one year domestic warranty. Delivery the next working day is free.

Again there are useful optional extra at special prices.

And the biggest machine in the range is the Mountfield MC846 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw with a 45cm guide bar, designed for heavier tasks.

Mountfield MC846 chain saw
Heavier tasks: Mountfield MC846 chain saw

This has a 45 cc engine with a primer to make starting easier.

A similar sprocket nose and automatic and manual chain lubrication are included as well as an easy-to-use tensioner.

Correct chain tensioning is vital for the efficient operation of a chain saw and this is carried out by an easy-to-use dial.

It costs £209, £50 less than the maker’s recommended retail price and has a one year warranty. Again we deliver it free the following working day.

And before ordering, have a look at the special offers we have included.

As we said, sawn wood will have all summer to dry out when properly stored in a ventilated wood shed or outside with a tarpaulin over the top to allow wind to blow through the stack.

See these pages for other special offers on chain saws.

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