Great little mini tiller to take the back ache out of digging

Digging large areas of garden is a challenge even for the young and fit and now is the time this task must be undertaken.

Simple tillers can take a lot of effort out of the job and this great little tiller is ideal for larger plots and allotments.

The Earthquake MC43R Petrol Mini-Tiller has a two-stroke Viper engine strong enough to tackle compacted soils to make them friable and perfect for the great Spring planting season.

Ardisam MC43 mini tiller
Simple yet strong: Earthquake MC43 mini tiller

The tilling width can be adjusted  between 15 and 26 cm so you can tackle larger areas and till between the rows once growth starts.

The tiller weighs only 14 kg which makes it easy to move around and it has a set of wheels which are adjustable to make it easy to alter the working depth.

As it is light and the handlebars fold down it is simple to transport in the boot of a car.

With this machine you can also buy an edger kit for £29 and a dethatcher kit for £99 turning it into a really versatile piece of garden machinery.

It costs £229 and has a two year manufacturer’s warranty. We deliver it free the next working day.

We stock a huge range of tillers for all sorts of gardens and small holdings and remember you can always ring us on 08454 58890508454 588905 if you need advice.



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