Three great tillers from Italy to tame the vegetable gardens

After all the recent rain, now is the best time to get on to the vegetable plot or allotment to turn the soil ready for Spring planting and before the weeds have their evil way.

So to save hours or hard work and a probable back ache as well, here are three top tillers from Bertolini, an Italian company with a long reputation for making excellent machines.

The Bertolini BT190 Front-Tine Cultivator with Reverse Drive, currently on special offer, has an Emak 182 cc four-stroke engine driving the tines via a chain drive through an oil bath.

Bertolini BT 190 cultivator
Italian power: Bertolini cultivator

The tiller has a reverse gear to help you get out from the end of a row or where the machine gets dugs in.

Heavy duty steel tines will cope with claggy soils easily and a rotor guard and a brake lever will make the tiller safe to use.

It is easy to move about thanks to a front transport wheel and relatively light weight of 47 kg.

You can currently save £150 on the maker’s recommended retail price as the machine is just £429 and has free next working day delivery.

Plus there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Bertolini 202 Semi-Professional Rotary Tiller with Reverse Drive is a machine aimed at the keen amateur with a larger plot of the professional gardener.

Bertolini 202 Semi Professional rotary tiller
For tuogher soils: Bertolini 201 Semi Professional rotary tiller

This one has a 183 cc Emak engine and can deal with heavier compacted soils and clay-based ones, again delivering power with a chain drive.

The tiling width is 80 cm but this can be reduced to 60 cm for tilling between the rows and has a guard to protect the transmission from stones and other debris.

It has a forward and reverse gears with a gear lever on the handlebars and adjustable handlebars for the comfort of the user.

Crop protections discs let you till between the rows without damaging plants and you can also adjust the working depth according to the job in hand.

This one is £499, £400 off the maker’s recommended retail price and has a three year warranty from Bertolini.

We deliver it free the next working day.

And the Bertolini 403 Two-Wheel Rotary Cultivator, a rear tine tiller designed for professional use as well as for the keen amateur with large scale plots to cultivate.

Bertolini 403 cultivator
Italian stallion: Bertolini 403 cultivator

This one has a Honda 163 cc high performance engine with a forged steel crankshaft to give it a longer life.

There are two forward and two reverse gears all housed in an oil bath and it has three working widths – 35 cm, 50 cm and 60 cm to give great versatility when in use.

It has been designed to be used over longer periods with vibration damping, adjustable handlebars and QuickFit couplings so you can attach accessories quickly and easily.

This one costs £1799, almost £550 less than the maker’ recommended retail price.

We deliver it free within two to three working days and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you want to see a wider range of cultivators and tillers see these pages. And keep an eye on our site for some truly excellent bargains on lawnmowers coming soon.



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