Exclusive special deals on Italian chainsaws to clear up fallen trees

There are plenty of fallen trees still waiting to be cleared away and a good hard-working chainsaw is essential when cutting it to the right size to suite the fireplace or wood burner.

Here are three available at special prices from a leading Italian manufacturer which fit the bill and what’s more they have a valuable free accessories wit them.

Oleo-Mac 350 chainsaw
Free starter kit: Oleo-Mac 350 chain saw

The Oleo-Mac GS-350 Pro Petrol Chainsaw with Free Starter Pack is on exclusive special offer and has a 38.9 cc engine with a 14 in guide bar.

This makes it suitable for sawing up fallen branches and smaller trunks and for those not used to using a chain saw there are useful instructions printed on the body of the machine.

Another very useful feature is the transparent chain oil and fuel tanks.

The chain lubrication is automatic and there is an excellent anti-vibration system to make it comfortable to use.

An inertia chain brake and forward hand guard are designed into the machine.

With the chainsaw come protective gloves, safety helmet with visor and ear muffs, 100 ml of chain oil and a two-stroke mixing bottle.

The maker’s recommended retail price is £289.95 but we have it on special offer for £179.95.

There is a free year warranty from Oleo-Mac and we deliver it free the next working day.

At the top of this company’s range, and also on exclusive special offer, is the Oleo-Mac GS44 Pro Petrol Chainsaw also with a similar free starter pack.

This one is made for more demanding use and can cope with felling medium sized trees as it has a 45 cm – 18 in – guide bar.

Oleo-Mac GS44 Pro Petrol Chainsaw
Plenty of power: Oleo-Mac GS44 Pro Petrol chainsaw

Ideal for cutting larger branches it is ideal for estates and farm use as well as domestic and has a 2-stroke 42.9 cc engine made to use less fuel and to have a longer life.

The oil feed to the chain bar will reduce the flow to zero when idling and although automatic can be adjusted according to the toughness of the task.

The chain tensioning screws are on the body of the machine for easy use.

And another unique feature is an Ice Device feature where heat from the engine is used to stop ice forming on the carburettor and help starting in cold weather.

This one too comes with free chain saw gloves, helmet with visor and ear muffs, chain oil, two stroke oil and a fuel mixing bottle.

There are other extras which can be bought at special prices when you order this chainsaw.

It has a three year warranty and we deliver it free the next working day.

It costs £329.95, a huge reduction on the maker’s recommended retail price of £479.95.

We have a huge selection of chainsaws to chose from, see these pages for the full list.





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