New Mountfield mower at a great price for the medium sized lawn

With all the recent rains and mild (comparatively) weather, we may be able to trim the lawn a bit sooner this year.

The grass has not stopped growing all winter and even now some people are even out with the mower on dry days just ‘trimming the whiskers’.

So here’s an exclusive mower with an 18 in cut (45cm) perfect for the medium to larger sized lawn.

The Mountfield SP180 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower, on exclusive special offer, has a 450 series Briggs & Stratton 148 cc engine designed for reliability and a long life and giving plenty of power to move the machine along even through rougher, long grass.

Mountfield SP 180 lawn mower
Exclusive special offer: Mountfeld SP180 lawn mower

This mower cuts right down to 20 mm, very low for a rotary mower, and up to 70 mm.

The grass box can hold 55 litres and is made from fabric to encourage the grass to pack in but with a hard top to control the dust and pollen.

It costs only £249, £100 less than Mountfield’s recommended retail price and has their two year warranty.

We deliver it free the following day. And keep an eye on our blogs for the latest lawnmowers at special prices and our site for a full selection – there’s one for every type and size of lawn.


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