Ten top mowers to delight any gardener this Christmas

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat and the wallet’s getting thin. And what keen gardener would not like a new lawnmower for Christmas?

So here we list ten top mowers across a very wide price range – there’s one for every gardener and every size of lawn.

All are in stock and most available for delivery the following working day, so have a look at our suggestions. And remember you can always give us a ring on 08454 588905 if you want any help choosing.

The first is our own MD 41SP Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower, a real bargain of a machine for medium sized lawns.

MD 41 SP lawnmower
Real bargain: MD 41 SP lawn mower

The cutting width is 15 in and the cutting heights are adjusted by one lever between 27 and 72 mm.

The 118 cc engine is designed to start easily and with a one litre fuel tank you will probably be able to cut the lawn without bothering with a pit stop.

It has a steel cutting deck which gives the machine great strength and the 40 litre grass boz mens you carrying on mowing longer.

The wheels run on ball bearings so won’t become stiff as the machine gets older and the handles fold down to take up less room in the shed.

This machine costs £149.95 compared with the RRP of £249.95. We deliver it free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Now one on special offer from a leading European manufacturer.

Mountfield HP180 lawnmower
Exclusive offer: Mountfield HP180 lawnmower

The Mountfield HP180 Petrol Rotary Hand Propelled Lawnmower has a steel deck and a 148 cc Briggs & Stratton 450 Series engine.

The engine has a throttle control so you can control the revs according to the stiffness of the mowing task.

The 18 in cutting width makes it suitable for medium to large lawns, say around 1600 sq metres and cutting heights are from 20mm to 70 mm adjusted by a single lever.

The grass box holds 55 litres and is made to assist airflow for a more efficient grass collection even when wet.

Mountfield’s recommended retail price is £299 but we have knocked £100 off this and it is just £199.

Delivery is free and  Mountfield has a two year warranty on this mower.

Now another of our own, and this one has three ways of dealing with the clippings.

MD 51 SP lawn mower
One of our own: MD 51 SP lawn mower

The MD 51SP 3-in-1 Hi-Wheel Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower will collect at the rear with its 65 litre box, discharge to the rear of it can mulch the clippings and return them to the lawn where they rot dow to become a valuable nutrient.

It has a 51 cm 0 21 in – cutting width and cutting heights from 25 up to 90 mm.

Power is from a 163 cc engine and there is a 1.3 litre fuel tank. And the Hi-Wheel design makes it suitable for rougher ground and gives easier manoeuvrability.

The handles have quick release levers to make it easier to store.

Delivery is free the next working day, and there is a two year maker’s warranty. It costs £239.95 and that’s £100 off the manufacturer’s price.

Moving on to one exclusive to us and on special offer.

Mountfield SP180 lawnmower
Special offer: Mountfield SP180 lawnmower

The Mountfield SP180 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower has a really powerful Briggs & Stratton 450 Series, 148 cc and very reliable.

The cutting heights are from 20 mm to 70 mm – and there are five of them – and it has a 55 litre grass box and with its 18 in – 45 cm – cutting width it is suitable for medium to large sized lawns.

The cutting deck is made from steel give it great solidity and a long life.

It costs £249 – £100 off Mountfield’s recommended retail price. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year warranty from Mountfield.

Now a terrific mower relying on battery power and really light to use.

Greenworks g-max 50li-40 Volt lawnmower
Great force: Greenworks g-max 50li-40 Volt lawnmower

The Greenworks G-MAX 50Li-40V Lithium-Ion 3-in-1 Twin-Force Cordless Lawnmower (25367) uses the latest battery technology to deliver great power – enough to mow a 2000 sq metre and has two blades to give an excellent finish.

Twin batteries are governed to produce less power on the flat lawns and to use more on the rougher areas or when it’s a bit damp.

Cutting heights are between 30 and 90 mm, very easily adjusted and the machine is made from polymer to give great strength while keep the weight down.

The handles are steel and easy to fold down and the grass box can hold 60 litres. This has an indicator to show when it’s full.

This one too has a mulch plug of you chose to deal with the clippings in this fashion and has high-wheels to help you steer round the tighter areas more easily.

It even has a striping mat at the back to leave a traditional finish. And remember that when you buy this mower there are special deals on other garden equipment – a leaf blower costs only £39.

The mower has a recommended selling price of £669 but awe are selling it for only £299.

Free next day delivery and a two year warranty are included.

This next machine is another from Mountfield, one of Britain’s leading brands.

The Mountfield SP533 Self-propelled Petrol Lawn Mower is on special offer and represents great value for money.

Mountfield SP 533 lawn mower
Special price: Mountfield SP533 lawn mower

Made with medium to large lawns in mind it has a 160 cc engine made to be easy to start and reliable and it has enough power to get you through the rougher areas as well as flat lawns.

Cutting heights are from 25 mm up to 90 mm and it has a 60 litre grass box.

Added to these features there is a strong powder coated steel deck and large wheels running on ball bearings to give it a longer life.

It costs £319 compared with Mountfield’s recommended retail price of £449. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Now one from a leading manufacturer from the USA

McCulloch M53 160 DW lawn mower
From the States: McCulloch M53 160 DW lawn mower

The McCulloch M53-160DW High-Wheel 4-in-1 Self-propelled Lawn Mower  has a Honda engine and is exclusive to Mowdirect.

This one has four different ways of dealing with the clippings. They can either discharge them at the back or side – particularly useful for areas like paddock areas or orchards.

Or you can mulch them or collect at the back in a massive 71 litre grass box.

The Honda GCV 160 cc engine runs very quietly and with low vibration levels and starts very easily.

The drive is to the front wheels making it easier to navigate around paths and flower beds. And cutting heights are from 25 mm up to 82 mm And the high wheel design and makes it easier to use over rough ground.

It costs £349 – £150 less than the maker’s recommended retail price. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Now this next one and what is more iconic than the Hayter Spirit 41 Petrol Autodrive Rear Roller Lawnmower (Code: 619).

Hayter is a British designer and manufacturer of top quality mowers and this one is perfect for smaller lawns and with a rear roller will leave the perfect striped finish.

Hayter Spirit 41 lawnmower
British made: Hayter Spirit 41 lawnmower

It is exceptionally well built with a wide ribbed rear roller making it possible to cut right up to the edges of the lawn.

It also offers a very low cutting height, right down to 13 mm. And it has front fins to smooth the lawn and give a more even cut.

The cutting deck is lined to reduce the noise and it has a friction disc to stop the crank bending should you hit something really solid.

This mower has a three year warranty from Hayter and free delivery the next working day.

It costs £369 – Hayter’s recommended price is £459.

Have a look at this mower with its green and gold finish harking back to yesteryear.

Allett Kensington lawn mower
Perfect finish: Allett Kensington 14E lawn mower

The Allett Kensington 14E Electric Cylinder Lawn Mower comes from a manufacturer’s whose mowers have graced the turf at Wimbledon and Test Match grounds.

Suitable for a small to medium sized lawns it has a 14 in cut and is powered by a 340 Watt motor which propels the machine along as well as cutting the grass.

The rear roller is solid steel and the front on is zinc plated.

It cuts right down to 6 mm and up 20 32 mm. and a front rake removes the rubbish before the lawn is cut.

You can also but a scarifying cartridge to fit to the mower to keep the lawn clear of moss and thatching. This costs £120.

The mower costs £475, is delivered free the next working day and has a two year warranty.

And finally a machine which takes all the effort out of mowing.

Robomow RS 630 robotic mower
Really large areas: Robomow RS 630

The Robomow RS630 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower lets you sit in a deck chair with a cooling drink while you watch your own little robot do all the hard wrok.

And it is really simple to set up. Peg down the base station close to a power source, run out and peg down the perimeter cable – no need to dig it into the lawn, and that’s more or less it.

You can tell your new best friend when to cut and when to sleep in the knowledge that if it rains it will scurry back to its base station to keep dry.

Two sharp blades mulch the cuttings, so no worrying about what to do with the clippings.

You can set the height of cut between 20 and 80 mm and it has a pin code so it would be pointless to try to steal the machine.

You can also buy a remote control if you want to drive the machine yourself.

This mower costs £2499 and has a two year manufacturer’s warranty. Delivery is free the next working day.

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