Roundabout job plea works out for Essex man

Roundabout job plea works out for Essex man
    A father-of-one that stood at a roundabout with a sign reading "desperate 4 a job" has been given a role mowing the very same turning circle he stood on.

Matt Atkins, 46, begged passing commuters to give him a job on a roundabout off the A127 in Basildon, Essex and it appeared hope was all but lost for his career.

Not only was he out of a job, but he was also suffering from depression – as well as generally feeling fed up about life, reports the Daily Mail.

But now he has a great career taking care of grass on the roundabout where he once stood begging for a chance opportunity after being hired by Bizzib – a local landscaping company.

Commenting on the situation, Mr Atkins said: "It's quite bizarre that I have ended up back here. I never imagined I would come back to this roundabout. I still have to pinch myself sometimes but it is fantastic. Life is good.

"I feel a million times better in myself. I just needed one person to believe in me. I was not in a happy place at all, but now I am off the antidepressants."

Before making the desperate job advertising attempt that eventually paid off for him, Mr Atkins was in between jobs for eight years.

The 46-year-old had been living on incapacity benefit since a pancreas transplant, but he was sick of life on the dole and decided to take a pay cut by getting a job with Bizzib.

At first he was hired as a cleaner, as the company also specialises in facility management, but since going from strength-to-strength he has been given more responsibility and must now ensure drivers are kept safe from overly long turf, which can obstruct lines of sight and look unseemly.

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