Great little chainsaw on special offer makes the perfect Christmas gift

A little electric chainsaw is a great tool to have especially at this time of year for cutting firewood and cutting down saplings and branches and larger out-of-control garden shrubs.

And this one, which is exclusive to us, would make an excellent gift this Christmas.

Oleo-Mac 2000E Electric Chainsaw
Great gift: Oleo-Mac 2000E chainsaw

The Oleo-Mac OM2000E Electric Chainsaw with a 40cm guide bar, currently on exclusive special offer, is a wonderful little machine, light in weight and powerful on performance.

A 1900 Watt electric motor powers the chain around the guide bar giving plenty of cutting force. The chain whizzes along at 15 metres a second, far faster than many comparable machines.

The chain is automatically lubricated thanks to a 200 ml reservoir and a thermal cut-out stops the motor over-heating. And to make it comfortable to use there are ant-vibration dampers fitted.

It has a palm operated safety switch and two brakes to stop the chain if there is a kickback.

The saw comes with 10 metres of cable and you can also but a range of extra equipment at special prices when you order this machine. For instance a safety helmet with visor and ear muffs costs just £19.95.

If you’re feeling generous you can also buy a saw horse with a chainsaw clamp for £39.95.

The chainsaw is delivered free the next working day and has a three year guarantee from the manufacturer.

It costs £99.95, and that’s £80 less than the Oleo-Mac’s recommended retail price.

We have a huge range of electrically-powered chainsaws, see these pages for further models.





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