Two great value packages to keep you moving through the winter

Snow and ice wreaked havoc last year on businesses, schools and local authorities and the pressure will be on this year to ensure that the last year’s paralysis does not happen again.

Simply by treating surfaces against the snow and ice in advance can keep businesses working and here are two packages we have developed to keep you moving when others fail.

Winter Snow and Ice Treatment Package
Ready for winter: Winter Snow and Ice Treatment Package

The Winter Snow and Ice Treatment Package contains10 bags of Magic Ice Melt, a spreader and as a free gift a big snow shovel.

The LNT Magic Ice Melt is used by airports around the world and is very effective – the 10 bags each weighing 10 kilos is sufficient to clear 2000 sq metres.

It is biodegradable, non toxic and will not corrode metal or concrete so it can be used on car parks and close to flower borders and lawns.

With these properties it is totally safe to use in schools and car parks.

The MD 80P Walk Behind Spreader can hold 80 lb and the flow rate is easily adjusted to be as economic as possible.

It has a spreading width of three metres meaning large areas can be covered quickly.

Pneumatic tyres give good grip and a hopper screen will ensure blockages are kept to a minimum.

The whole package costs just £299, a substantial saving on the recommended retail price of £364.95.

The package is delivered free within two to three working days. And remember that there is a large Garant Snow Shovel completely free.

If you have a larger area to keep snow and ice free then the Pro Winter Snow & Ice Treatment Package is what you need.

This package offers great value for money with 20 bags of LNT Magic Ice Melt, enough to clear 36,000 sq metres. And don’t forget this products is corrosion free so it won’t harm cars, cats or concrete and is safe to use.

Pro Winter Snow and ice Treatment package
Keep working: Pro Winter Snow and Ice Treatment Package

It is biodegradable and will cover six to 10 times the area of conventional rock salt.

The spreader with this deal is the Agri-Fab 45-0462, a professional spreader designed to keep working when other machinery freezes up.

The spread can be easily regulated and it has a 130 lb hopper – you can cover 25,000 sq ft without re-filling.

There are also three Garant Snow Shovels which have a 45 cm head and are Canadian made – and they know a bit about snow in Canada.

The total price for this package is £704, but you can but this package for £549. Delivery is free within two to three working days.

Again extra Magic Ice Melt, snow shovels and spreaders can be bought for special prices.

Remember if it’s a snow blower we have one of the biggest selections in the country available on our site.

And you can always give us a ring if you want personal advice on 08454 588905.


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