Adopt-a-garden scheme proves hit on Isle of Wight

Adopt-a-garden scheme proves hit on Isle of Wight
    A so-called adopt-a-garden scheme on the Isle of Wight has proven popular with residents lacking a green space in their property.

Funding from the island's NHS trust has meant that The Footprint Trust – a local charity – will provide people without a garden a space where they can grow their own food and even receive free training on how to cook it, reports On the Wight.

While there's no lawn to mow (unfortunately), users can get a workout by donning a stylish dungaree and get down and dirty with all the implements needed to get a garden in tip-top shape.

But why is the NHS funding this?

Well, recent research has shown that gardening is an excellent, more casual form of exercise that benefits people of all ages and could even reduce the chances of strokes, heart attacks and dementia.

We knew there was a reason we stayed out in the garden all day!

Ray Harrington-Vail, who set up the adopt-a-garden scheme back in 2005, told On the Wight: "We intend to encourage families, young people, single parents and individuals to take up gardening as a fun and rewarding hobby. We will also offer small informal workshops on how to grow and cook produce.

"Gardening is a fun way of getting fit and can be an ideal way of encouraging people to take exercise, who otherwise might not. Sport, gyms and lycra are not for everyone!"

We hear you Ray! There's nothing quite like getting out into the garden and getting your hands dirty – something that makes all of us here at MowDIRECT count down the days until spring.

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