BBC set for new gardening show

BBC set for new gardening show
    The BBC has revealed a new gardening show that will air in the spring of 2014.

Executives at the broadcaster said the programme will be fronted by Fern Britton and will focus on the country's love of gardening.

Grow, Make, Eat: The Great Allotment Challenge will have six episodes and will get a timeslot on BBC Two.

Contestants will be given a plot of soil in an Oxfordshire-based walled garden and then told to plant seeds, grow the plants and then cook the resulting produce in a show commissioners hope will rival the Great British Bake-off in the viewing charts.

Each episode will reflect the various stages of spring and, particularly, what is ripe for picking at any given time – something that foragers and green-fingered enthusiasts will be particularly keen to get guidance on.

Additionally, teams will be tested on their horticultural knowledge, culinary skills and creativity – with tasks expected to focus on the production of jams and other preserves, as well as floral arrangements.

A statement released by the BBC read: "Each episode, the team that fails to impress our experts will hang up their gardening gloves and leave the allotment for good. Only one team can be crowned the winners of Grow, Make, Eat: The Great Allotment Challenge 2014."

Three experts will be brought in to add authority to proceedings, Jim Buttress, a plant growing aficionado, Jonathan Moseley, a flower arranging specialist and Thane Prince, who is a master preserver and respected chef.

Here at MowDIRECT, we're really happy the BBC is investing in a primetime gardening competition and hope it will inspire more people to make use of the UK's fantastic growing conditions.

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