Mountfield chainsaws ideal for clearing up after the gales

After the recent gales there are still fallen branches and trees to be cleared away and a good chainsaw is an essential for this task.

Mountfield is one of the leading UK brands making an excellent range of chainsaws and this is a definitely a brand not to be dismissed if you are looking to buy one.

And incidentally, a new chainsaw makes an excellent Christmas present for the ‘person who has everything’ and is difficult to buy for.

Mountfield MC438 chainsaw
Get sawing: Mountfield MC438 chainsaw

The Mountfield MC438 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw  with a 35cm guide bar is an ideal little saw for dealing with fallen branches and felling small trees.

It has a 37.2 cc engine which includes a primer pump for easy starting.

The chain tensioner is simple to adjust and the end of the bar has a sprocket nose to ease the chain around and improve on wear and cutting performance.

The lubrication system is automatic but you can adjust the amount of oil depending on the tough ness of the wood you are cutting.

The chain brake is activated either by inertia or by hand.

It costs £149 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £179, has a two year maker’s warranty and free next working day delivery.

A number of extras and spares are available at very keen prices when you order this machine.

A more powerful machine with a longer guide bar and bigger engine is the Mountfield MC846 Two-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw.

Mountfield 846 chainsaw
Stronger machine: Mountfield MC846 chainsaw

With its 40 cm guide bar it has a 45 cc engine which also has an automatic primer and is suitable for tree felling and sawing up branches and trunks for the fire.

The sprocket nose chain bar contributes to the cutting performance as does the chain lubrication system which is automatic but can be adjusted to regulate the flow of oil.

The chain tensioner is at the side of the saw and easy to use – remember the correct tension on the chain is very important. And the chain brake is operated both by inertia and can be engaged manually as well.

It has a one year maker’s warranty and free next working day delivery.

It costs £209, that’s £50 off Mountfield’s recommended working price.

We have a wide range of chainsaws on our site, both electric and petrol and remember you can always give us a ring is you need advice.


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