Top snow blower at a special price to tackle the heaviest winter falls

Forecasters are predicting a winter worse than last year’s so now is the time to plan for the worst.

If you are in charge of the smooth running of small industrial estates medical or shopping centres, heavy snow fall can cause chaos or even closure.

And schools will be under greater pressure than ever to make every effort to stay open.

So here from a major manufacturer is a top quality snow blower on sale at a very keen price.

MTD ME 66 snow blower
For large properties: MTD ME 66 snow blower

The Self-Propelled MTD ME 66 2-stage Snow Blower / Thrower first takes snow and ice into the body of the machine by strong serrated steel augurs and then blasts it clear with an in-built impellor.

A 277cc Snow Thor X 80 engine specially designed for the freezing weather provides the power and drives the machine along through four forward and two reverse gears. An electric start saves you the hassle of tugging on a starter rope.

The auger is fitted with sheer pins which will prevent serious damage should you run into something solid hidden under the snow.

The chute can be rotated through 180 degrees by a joystick on the control panel which also changes the pitch of the stream.

The front hood has an intake height of 53 cm enabling it to handle really deep snow falls and with chunky deep-patterned tyres it is well equipped to keep you going through the roughest weather.

And a headlight can keep you working when it gets gloomy.

This blower costs £799 – and that’s £500 less than the maker’s recommended retail price.

Delivery is free within two to three working days and there is a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

We have a vast array of snow clearing equipment, see these pages for more details.






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