Pressure group calls on govt to use sheep to cut grass

Pressure group calls on govt to use sheep to cut grass
    We all love sheep. The cute animals' cotton is a great resource and a good mutton chop in a stew will rarely go amiss.

But pressure group The Taxpayer's Alliance has called on the government to utilise our furry friends for a more serious purpose.

Lobbyists at the campaign organisation said councils should start to use sheep to graze on public grass so that lawnmowers and other equipment aren't needed.

We presume they've gone completely baa-nanas (ha!) with this suggestion. Imagine driving down to the shops only to be confronted by a flock of 12 sheep in the middle of the road – blocking the way and creating a great stink.

Other notable suggestions from the Taxpayer's Alliance include the scrapping of clothing allowances for mayors and the cessation of free meals for councillors, something that may be more grounded in reality.

We still think councils looking to buy a new lawnmower would benefit from one of our fantastic range of great value ride-on units, including the Lawnflite 76E Mini Rider, which is great for more compact green spaces and is a snip at £1,199 (including VAT)!

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