The easy and safe way to saw logs for the winter fires

Many people fancy the idea of sawing their own wood for the fire but are nervous about using a chain saw.

So this great little device, the Einhell BT-LC 400 Log Cutting Saw / Bench Saw is made to be fast and simple to use and above all safe.

And it’s currently on special offer as it is £150 off the maker’s recommended price.

Einhell BT-LC saw bench
Safe and fast: Einhell BT-LC log cutting saw bench

It has a concealed safety blade which is only exposed when it comes into contact with the log you are sawing.

The saw is held on to the saw bench and is operated by simply pivoting it down on to the wood. And this makes it very simple to use over longer periods – there is no hefting heavy chainsaws around.

And there is no re-fuelling as it is powered by a 2200 Watt electric motor made to handle logs over 12 cm in diameter.

Another handy feature is the stop at the end of the bench to make sure you cut logs to the exact size wanted – there is nothing more annoying than having a basket of dry logs which won’t quite fit into the stove or grate!

It costs £249.95 – Einhell’s recommended price is £399.95. It has a two year maker’s guarantee and is delivered free the next working day.

There is a range of saw horses on our site for you to choose from some exclusive and all at very good prices.




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