Three German-engineered log splitters to deal with fallen trees and branches

With the recent gales plenty of trees and branches have been blown down and now is the time to get out into the garden and deal with them.

Once you have cut them to length – and don’t forget we have plenty of electric and petrol chainsaws – you need to split them ready for the fire.

Split wood will always burn much better than wood with a sawn face and here are three great log splitters from German engineering company Einhell to save swinging an axe.

Einhell BT-LS 44 log splitter
Get splitting: Einhell BT-LS 44 electric log splitter

First is the Einhell BT-LS 44 Electric Log Splitter, currently on special offer and ideal for light domestic use.

This can deal with logs up to 25 cm diameter and with its four ton splitting force will deal with most trunks and branches.

A 1500 Watt electric motor provides the splitting force, forcing the logs against a splitting wedge. And there is a load limiting feature which prevents the motor from being overloaded.

As both hands are needed to operate the machine they will be out of the way of the splitting mechanism, a useful safety feature.

Transport wheels and a handle make it easy to move around and solid legs give it good stability.

Einhell’s recommended retail price if £299 but we have it for sale for £169. It is delivered free and has a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Einhell BT-LS 54U log splitter
Heavier logs: Einhell BT-LS 65 U log splitter

If you prefer a machine you can use when standing upright then the Einhell BT-LS 65U Electric Log Splitter, also on special offer, fits the bill.

This has a splitting force of 5.5 tons with the power from a 1500 Watt electric motor.

It can deal with logs up to 25 cm in diameter and up to 52 cm long. A device to limit the splitter from being overloaded is a feature of this machine and again both hands are needed to operate it.

It costs £229.95 as against the maker’s recommended price of £379.99 and has a two year warranty from Einhell.

Delivery is free the next working day.

Einhell BT-LS electric lob splitter
Einhell BT-LS 610 log splitter

And the third from Einhell is a vertical machine on special offer perfect for stoking the winter fires.

The Einhell BT-LS 610 Log Splitter has a splitting plate for dealing with logs between 10 cm and 32 cm in diameter and 10 cm and 104 cm long.

Height adjustment is easy to make thanks to plastic guides between the splitting column .

Steel holding plates and clamps mean the logs are kept tightly in place for splitting.

It is built sturdily and has transport wheels to make it easy to move around.

This one is available on exclusive special offer at over £250 off the maker’s recommended retail price at £439.95.

It is delivered within two to three working days of ordering and has a two year warranty.

We have an extensive range of log splitters right up to seriously heavy duty ones for the professional, see these pages for a full list.










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