Time to see the light and get ready for winter power cuts

The recent storms have reminded us that we rely on electricity for virtually every facet of modern day living.

A stand-by supply could prove a godsend during the coming winter for who’s to say that a heavy snow fall or another gale might not wipe out the mains supply once more.

Loncin manufactures a range of generators for light domestic work up to larger machines aimed for business use.

Loncin LC2500 generator
Don’t sit in the dark: Loncin LC2500 generator

The most basic machine from this company is the Loncin LC2500-F Generator.

This will produce enough power to run lights and is ideal for camping and running small workshop tools.

A 4-stroke 196 cc engine will produce a rated output of two KW and a maximum of 2.2 KW. It has two sockets, one 16 amp and one 32 amp and a voltage regulation system. It can run for 15 hours on a full tank of fuel.

If you are powering sensitive equipment you should use a surge protector in conjunction with a generator.

This generator costs £299 compared with the recommended retail price of £398. It is delivered free within four to five working days and has a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

One with slightly more power is the Loncin LC2000i-S Synchronising Inverter Generator.

Loncib LC20001-S generator
Bags of power: LC20001-S inverter generator

This 79 cc engine machine will produce 1.6 KW of power and yet uses little fuel.

It is designed to vary the machine revs according to the power load demanded and is very quiet in running.

The technology produces ‘spike free’ power enabling it to be used with computers, televisions and games consoles, but only plug in such equipment after the generator has been started.

The inverter which takes the place of the alternator uses a microprocessor to separate the speed of the engine from the power output.

Weighing 21 kg it has a carrying handle for easier transport and can also be run in conjunction with other generators to increase power output.

It will run for around seven hours on a 4.2 litre tank of fuel and can also be changed to DC output for charging batteries.

As a rough guide a laptop will need 50 to 70 Watt of power and a flat screen television 70 to 150 Watt. And again remember to use a surge protector when using a generator.

This one costs £569 compared with the maker’s recommended retail price of £773.

Delivery is free within four to five working days and there is a two year guarantee from the manufacturer.

And top of the range is the Loncin LC6500-F Generator which has two 17 amp sockets and one 32 amp and has an electric start.

Loncin LC6500F generator
Top of the range: Loncin LC6500F generator

This can be used for more extensive domestic back up or to provide power to small workshops or for power tools on building sites and the like.

It has very low emissions and low vibration levels and transport wheels make it easy to move around the garden or building site.

It will provide 5000 Watts of power with voltages of 110, 220, 230 and 240 and the machine has an automatic voltage regulator.

The engine is a four cylinder 389 cc one with forced air cooling and a large fuel tanking gives nine hours continuous use.

It costs £699 – the maker’s recommended retail price is £913.

Delivery is free within four to five working days and there is a two year warranty from Loncin..

These pages have a fuller list of Loncin generators and other manufacturers’ generators are also listed on our site.




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