Man blasts contractors over grass cuttings

Man blasts contractors over grass cuttings
    A Swale, Kent, resident has called on the council to improve the way its contractors cut public grass.

Joseph Mort, 54, told Kent Online that drains are getting clogged up just about every time maintenance workers come by his street and trim overgrown pathways.

While Mr Mort isn't complaining about the quality of the mow these fellas are doing – quite the opposite, pictures posted on the news provider's website show a relatively well tended lawn – he thinks they aren't cleaning up cuttings and this is blocking drains in the area.

Worse, the 54-year-old alleges they use leaf blowers to get waste grass off the pavement, something that aggravates the problem and causes grievance to local residents who now have to wade through a few inches of water if they want to cross the road after a wet spell.

Mr Mort said: "I'm not saying that’s what’s blocking it up, but it’s not helping. That's my main gripe because it's just laziness. I understand it has to be done cheaply but they should send a road sweeper or something out after them."

The grandad, who has lived on his beloved Hilda Road for more than 20 years, remarked this is a big problem that has been swept under the rug for a long time.

When asked for comment by Kent Online, Swale Council said: "A back-up crew follows the mower to blow arisings off footpaths and try to ensure the cuttings are blown away from drains."

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