Don’t let the falling leaves become a chore to clear away

The current gales and lashing rain have started the leaves falling in earnest and all over the country matted and slippery leaves are making roads and pavements treacherous.
Now is the time to tackle them and whether you use a back pack leaf blower, hand held one or a wheeled machine we have the equipment to get the job done in double quick time.

Mitos 650 backpack leaf blower
Professionals’ choice: Mitox B650 backpack leaf blower

First have a look at the Mitox B650 Backpack Leaf Blower, a machine often the choice of professional gardeners and local authority workers. This has a 63.3 cc engine which delivers a blast of air up to 331 km an hour.
This means it will not only blow leaves into a pile but also twigs and other debris.
Equipped with padded shoulder straps it weighs 11 kg and has been designed with low vibration levels. Further, has a very large fuel tank to keep you working longer.
It has a two year warranty and is delivered free the next working day. And it costs £299.
This next one is a hand held model, the Kawasaki KRH-300A Hand-Held Garden Leaf Blower and is a great buy for both the domestic gardener and the professional.

Kawasaki KRH-300A hand-held leaf blower
Great buy: Kawasaki KRH-300A hand-held leaf blower

Power is from a 26.3 cc engine and it gives a 241 km an hour blast; and yet it weighs only 4.7 kg.
The manufacturer’s recommended retail price for this one is £391.20 but we have it for sale for £299.
Delivery is free to the UK mainland, usually the next working day.
And the third is a real, the Billy Goat F601S Force 6 Push Leaf & Debris Blower, a top machine from an American manufacturer delivering terrific performance for the professional and keen amateur.

Billy Goat Force F601S leaf blower
Wheeled Billy: Billy Goat F601S Force 6 leaf blower

This will clear large lawns, paths, tennis courts and any large outside public areas of not only leaves but paper cups, pine cones twigs and general debris.
This one has a 170 cc Subaru engine powering a 16 bladed fan to give a clearing force of 322 km and hour.
The fan is made of glass filled nylon to give great strength and to help keep noise levels down.
It is housed in a steel and polyethylene frame and has an ‘aim-n-shoot’ swivelling nozzle which can be locked in three positions.
It runs along easily on pneumatic tyres and is made to handle uneven ground.
Billy Goat’s recommended retail price is £649 but we it for sale for £619. It is delivered free the next working day and has a one year warranty from the makers.
Leaves not be the chore to clear away they once were, so see these pages for a full selection of clearing equipment.

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