The beauty and menace of falling leaves

As the old song said ‘Those falling leaves, drift by my window’.

And melodic though the tune may be, falling leaves mean October lawns and flower beds need to be cleared, to say nothing of paths and drives where trodden leaves become slippery and dangerous.

A simple way of dealing with this annual problem is a neat little machine which you push along to brush them in to a collector.

MD Sweep 26 Lawn and Leaf Sweeper
Fast and easy: The MD Sweep 26 Lawn and Leaf Sweeper

Our own little MD Sweep 26 Lawn and Leaf Sweeper is just the job. Designed to deal with lawns, paths and drives as well as indoor barns and outdoor tennis courts it is simplicity itself to use.

Just adjust the height at which you want it to work with a nob at the front – lower for drives and paths higher for lawns – and away you go.

As you push it along the four sets of brushes sweep up the leaves into a catcher at the back.

It is very easy to push along once it is set up and with a working width of 26 in – 65 cm – large areas can be quickly cleared with little effort.

Once full, the catcher at the back is easily removed through the handlebars of the machine and the debris can be deposited on the compost heap.

It is especially useful on barns and garden paths as all manner of dirt and grime like litter, wood chippings and dried grass cuttings can be cleared this way.

The manufacturer’s tell us that their recommended retail price for this machine is £179.95 buy we are selling it for £89.95.

Free next day delivery and a two year maker’s guarantee are included.

And don’t forget that we have special machines which you can attach to a ride on or lawn tractor which will work in a similar way on larger lawns and long drives.

You can call us for more information on 08454 588905.

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