Lytham crowned Britain in Bloom champion

Lytham crowned Britain in Bloom champion
    We all love a good garden. 

There's nothing quite as nice as a stroll through a lovely bed of roses, or a well trimmed tree – especially when it's in an unexpected area.

Take Lytham, the north western town sits just south of Blackpool and, while renowned for its beauty, isn't quite as well-known for its horticultural brilliance.

However, this looks set to change as the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has crowned Lytham as the Champion of Champions in this year's Britain in Bloom competition.

Not only were a variety of floral displays in the municipality judged to be of fantastic quality, but participants in the area were shown to have involved residents and visitors alike in efforts to maintain plants across this spring and summer.

Lytham also scored highly when it came to heritage and identity – garnering a rare ten out of ten score – with judges particularly impressed by colour co-ordinated planters in a central piazza.

Residents were also praised for their contribution to a 3D floral display of Lytham Windmill, which caught the eye of visitors and RHS officials alike.

Jim Knight, RHS Britain in Bloom judge, commented: "All five nominees in this category were of an absolutely exceptional standard and it was so difficult to choose an overall winner. 

"The community spirit and volunteering in Lytham was outstanding. Everything came together so perfectly and the quality of the horticulture in Lytham was unrivalled."

But it wasn't just Lytham that got awards from the RHS as Bath, Glenroes and Richmond-upon-Thames all walked away with silverware too for various achievements.

Perhaps one of the more surprising announcements of Britain in Bloom came when Sanderson Arcade and Bus Station in Morpeth won an award for its fabulous gardens. Although bus stations might not be the first place you think of when it comes to flowers and trees, it seems Morpeth has proved doubters wrong!

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