Four top leaf sweepers to town behind your lawn tractor

If you are lucky enough to have a large lawn you will want to keep it free of falling leaves to keep it healthy and vigorous – and remember that lawns will continue to grow, albeit slowly, for a few weeks yet.
Chances are that if you have a big lawn you’ll have a garden tractor and with a towed leaf sweeper clearing leaves is a job you can undertake with little effort.
Here are four top leaf sweepers which will keep lawns looking their best all through autumn and into winter as well.

MD Sweep 38
For larger lawns and gardens: MD Sweep 38

First is the MD Sweep 38 Tow-behind Lawn & Leaf Sweeper, currently on special offer.
This is suitable for any ride-on or lawn tractor and has a 96.5 cm – 38 in – working width making it suitable for properties up to 4000 sq metres.
Ten inch brushes do a really efficient job at clearing not only leaves but pine needles and acorns as well.
It has a 340 litre collecting bag and is designed so that it can be emptied from the driving seat. A single lever adjusts the working height of this machine so you can set it according to the surface you are clearing.
This great little device costs £169 compared with the maker’s recommended retail price of £339.95. There is free next working day delivery and a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

MD 48T leaf sweeper
Larger properties: MD 48T tow-behind leaf sweeper

The second is another of our own, the MD Sweep 48 Tow-behind Leaf Sweeper and is also on special offer.
This one is suitable for really large properties and like the previous model has a simple height adjustment lever making it suitable for lawns but also paths, tennis courts and is especially handy for sweeping out barns and the like.
It has a 25 cm diameter brushes and a working with of 122 cm – 48 in. and an extra large 500 litre hopper. When it needs emptying this is easily achieved by pulling a lever while still sitting on the driver’s seat.
It has been designed to give a smooth ride and has chunky tyres to give excellent grip.
It costs £199, £200 less than the maker’s recommended retail price. There is a two year maker’s warranty and again delivery is free the next working day.
This next one is from one of the leading suppliers of garden machinery, Agri-Fab.

Agri-Fab 38 in towed leaf sweeper
Top maker: Agri-Fab 38 in towed sweeper

The Agri-Fab Smart-Sweep 4 4 in Towed Lawn & Leaf Sweeper is a high spec machine designed to prevent ‘skipping’ – where the sweeper jumps from the ground occasionally, leaving bits in cleared.
It has a really wide clearing width and with high torque gearing and heavy duty brushes gives an excellent finish.
The working height is adjustable and it has an enormous 710 litre collector, again emptied from the driver’s seat.
It costs £229, £110 less than the maker’s recommended retail price and has a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
Delivery is free the next working day.
And this final one is a truly top class performer.

SCH TS98 towed sweeepr
Longer life: SCH TS98 towed sweeper

The SCH TS98 Heavy-duty Leaf Sweeper is a very solidly built machine designed for a long life and has a differential for great manoeuvrability in tight corners preventing the wheels from scuffing.
The height is easily adjusted and the collector can hold 270 litres and it is easily emptied.
This one costs £1049 compared with the maker’s recommended retail price of £1126.80.
There is a two year warranty and free next working day delivery.
We have a truly massive selection of grass clearing equipment on these pages and remember you can also ways give us a ring on 08454 588905 if you want more information.

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