Will you take part in next January’s Big Birdwatch?

Gardeners will be asked to set their eyes firmly to the skies on January 25th and 26th next year, as the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds' (RSPB) Big Birdwatch event returns.

The activity is one of the largest crowd sourced wildlife surveys in the world and involves hundreds of thousands of people recording exactly what types of birds they see in their garden and how many there are.

While this might sound like a bore for all but the most ardent of birdwatchers, last year some 600,000 aviary enthusiasts took part in the event and this just shows how keen Britons are to make sure their gardens are up to scratch and ready for the nesting season.

Unfortunately, the results are rarely positive in these kinds of surveys and the last 30 years has seen the numbers of a key housebirds decline rapidly, although the figures are now starting to stabilise as gardeners become more aware of the need to preserve the nation's population.

Commenting on this year's edition of the popular RSPB Big Birdwatch, the foundation's garden manager Richard Bashford, said: "Thousands of people have been giving nature a home in their gardens and Big Garden Birdwatch is a great way of reaping the rewards by seeing which creatures are seeking refuge there over the winter.

"Every single person who takes part in Big Garden Birdwatch is helping us learn about what is happening with our much-loved feathered friends."

Enthusiasts looking to get involved should register by December 16th and make sure they know their sparrows from their great tits (no puns please!) in order to make sure they are useful for the RSPB's count.

If you're looking for more tips on how to keep your garden bird friendly, check out the RSPB's website and make sure your bushes are being kept well enough to accommodate our aviary friends this coming winter!

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