US porch CCTV shows postal worker’s laziness

Here at MowDIRECT we love a good online viral video.

Whether it be cute cats, affectionate dogs, or the latest lawnmowers on the market (we're obsessed!), there's nothing better than browsing YouTube for the latest and greatest videos on the web.

But one video that recently went viral hasn't received quite such a warm response in the MowDIRECT offices.

In the US, a lazy postal worker was recently shown electing to drive all over a package recipient's front lawn instead of park on the road and walk up to the house.

The reprobate then chucks the householder's post all over their porch, seemingly not bothered about the damage they have just done to the resident's precious lawn. 

Here in the UK, we're blessed with some of the most professional postal workers in the world, with most Royal Mail employees well versed on the risks of defiling a green-fingered householder's lawn.

Watch the CCTV footage here.

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