Free safety accessories with Oleo-Mac’s top performing chain saws

Time to get working on the wood pile and make sure the wood store is replenished.
While chain saws are safe to use it is as well to be prudent and to use special safety equipment.
And with Oleo-Mac chainsaws there is currently a free safety pack with each one purchased.
This comprises a chainsaw helmet complete with visor and ear muffs worth £29.95 and free chainsaw gloves worth £24.95.
There is also 2-stroke oil costing £4.95 and a litre of chain oil which costs and chain oil absolutely free.

Oleo-Mac GS-350 chainsaw
Free safety gear: Oleo-Mac GS-350 chainsaw

If you want to cut logs for the fire then the Oleo-Mac GS-350 is the machine you want.
It has a 2-stroke 38.9 cc engine and a 14 in – 35 cm – guide bar.
A handy feature on this saw are instructions printed on the side of the body and one lever to make for easy use for the inexperienced.
Transparent oil and fuel tanks make for even more convenience and chain lubrication, essential on chain saws is automatic and there are aniti-vibration mounts to make it more comfortable to saw during longer periods.
An inertia chain brake and a front hand guard contribute even more to the machines safety.
Oleo-Mac’s recommended retail price is £289.95 but we have it for sale for only £179.95.
It is delivered free the next working day and there is a three year warranty from the makers.

Oleo-Mac GS44 Pro Petrol Chainsaw
Plenty of power: Oleo-Mac GS44 Pro Petrol chainsaw

At the other end of the scale the Oleo-Mac GS44 Pro Petrol Chainsaw is the one for the professional or for heavy domestic use.
This one has a 45 cm – 18 in guide bar and is suitable for tree felling as well as sawing logs.
Powering this one is a 2-stroke 42.9 cc engine very solidly made for a long life and uses little fuel. There is also a full anti-vibration system.
A special feature of this machine is the oil feed which can be adjusted according to task in hand – for instance it can be set at zero when the machine is not cutting but just idling thus saving oil use.
The handle has choke and a half throttle lever and chain tensioning screws are located on the body of the machine.
And another unique system takes warm air from the engine to the carburettor so the saw can be used when it’s freezing.
Again the free safety accessories are included and there are special prices on a spare chain, fuel can, log horse and a special log horse with a chainsaw clump.
The maker’s recommended retail price is £329.95 as against the maker’s recommended retail price of £479.95.
Delivery is free the next working day. The guarantee from Oleo-Mac is three years.

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