Darker days and stormier nights. It’s October!

We were blessed with a relatively warm and bright September, which meant the embers of summer were kept alight for a few extra weeks.

At times temperatures reached lofty heights of 23 degrees C and rarely went below a temperature where a coat was needed. 

This marks the end to an absolutely beautiful summer and we've all topped up our tans to head into what will likely be an absolutely freezing winter!

So what do us keen gardeners need to do in order to make sure our back and front yards are readu for the impending frost-ocalypse?

Carry on clearing leaves

While this would normally be a job for late September, the decent weather has meant our trees have stayed green a little longer than they normally would. But don't expect this to continue as the Met Office has warned temperatures will drop in the coming weeks.

It's really important to get a handle on excessive leaves, as they can mulch up and leave (ha!) your garden in a sorry state.

Last big mow … we mean it this time!

Last month we said it would be the last 'big mow' of the year, but we were misled by temperamental forecasts that have left us blushing.

This will, in all foreseeable likelihood, be the last month you'll be able to do a proper, nice big mow of your garden, so what better way to finish off the grass cutting season than by giving next spring's model a preview?

Why not enter the future with the Robomow RS630 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower?

Yep, you heard us right, a robot lawn mower. This bad boy will go around your garden, in a similar fashion to a Roomba vacuum cleaner and take care of your grass cutting needs for you.

The RS630 has a run-time of one and a half hours and only takes two hours to fully charge up, so for people with a bit of cash in their pockets and a penchant for having someone else do their mowing for them, this is the perfect solution.

Sure, when you consider the £2,499 price tag (including VAT) of this higher-end model (there are substantially cheaper robot mowers on our site) it might sound expensive, but when this is compared to the price of hiring a human gardener to take care of this task for you, this little beauty will pay for itself in no time!

Harvest your fruit! Last chance now!

Now's the time to reap the benefits of your hard work in the garden and harvest your apples, pears and other fruits.

While the most obvious use of these ingredients is simply to eat them after a quick wash, they can be kept in the longer term if you fancy making flavoured alcohols, jellies or preserves. There are plenty of guides online.

At this time of year, it's certainly a case of use it or lose it, so make sure you pull your fruit off your bushes and trees or they'll rot and make a mess.

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