Top garden shredders from German manufacturing company on special offer

The time’s come to trim shrubs and tidy up the garden after the summer left some garden plants burned and frazzled and to this is the time of year when a garden shredder comes into its own.

Special offer: BG-KS 2040 electric garden shredder
Special offer: BG-KS 2040 electric garden shredder

If you have a small to medium sized garden then the Einhell BG-KS 2040 Electric Garden Shredder, currently on special offer could be just the ticket.
From a top German engineering company this great little machine is capable of shredding all manner of garden waste, even pine cones with steel knives set at an angle to prevent it blocking and automatically drags in the debris.
It can cope with branches up to 40 mm in diameter with its 2000 Watt motor. And with its light weight and transport wheels it is easily moved around the garden.
A safety switch means it is impossible to start accidentally.
It costs £99.95, a full £100 less than Einhell’s recommended retail price. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s guarantee.
Another from the same company, and also on special offer, is the Einhell BG-RS 2540CB Silent Electric Shredder.

Einhell BG-RS 2540CB silent electric garden shredder
Shh! Einhell BG-RSCB silent garden shredder

Most powered shredders are quite noisy but this model has a roller cutting unit which is not only quiet when working but its design lets large amounts of material enter the machine through a wide opening.
This shredder is very suitable for residential areas and has a 2500 Watt motor which gives enough power to handle branches up to 4 cm in diamater, even harder woods.
It has a collection unit which can hold 60 litres and which detaches so you can put the shre4dded material straight on to the compost heap.
It is robustly built with wheels and a handle making it easy to move around the garden and a really useful feature is that it can be reversed so that, should it become jammed, any blockage is easily cleared.
This one costs £189.95, a huge reduction on Einhell’s recommended price of £379.90. There is a two year guarantee from the manufacturers and free next working day delivery.
We have a good selection of electrically-powered shredders on our site and you can give us a ring on 08545 588905 if you need any further advice.

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