Bransholme teenager transforms overgrown allotment

Bransholme teenager transforms overgrown allotment
    If you've read a tabloid newspaper recently, you'd be given the impression that most teenagers are troublesome, cheeky so-and-sos that need a good talking to.

But not Finlay Larter, a 17-year-old Hull resident who has impressed family and friends by transforming his grandfather's allotment so that it can be used again, according to the Hull Daily Mail.

Before the teenager's effort, John – his grandad – had an allotment that was absolutely covered in weeds, debris and other nasties, which rendered it completely unusable. 

Saddened by the pensioner's plight, Finlay took it upon himself to sort the situation out and – using his weekends and days off from Hull College, where he attends classes – began working to get the plot in shape.

Now the land is completely clear of debris and is being prepared for the next growing season.

Finlay commented: "My mum and dad both work full-time and they helped me on the odd occasion but I've done nearly all of it myself. It keeps me occupied. I've got a few days off in term and I can go before college early in the morning."

His grandad was clearly really proud of him and told the Hull Daily Mail: "I didn't think he would take it on but he has done anyway. People can't believe what he's done. He's done really well, has Finlay."

We're absolutely over the moon for Finlay and John. We truly believe that gardening can bring family and friends closer together.

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