Remember last year’s snow? These machines will keep you working through the deep mid winter

With a nip in the air there’s a sure sign that autumn has set in and winter’s on his way.
Remember January and February when we were snowed in for days on end and slithered to work with cars driving sideways?
So now is the time to take precautions. Last winter snow blowers came into their own, but many people left it too late to order.

MTD ME 66 Snow blower
Great price: MTD ME 66 snow blower
And try as we might it was not always possible to deliver to customers who were snowed in themselves.
So now is the time to act and be prepared. And if you do order now there are special prices still available, and here are three examples.
First is the MTD ME 66 Snow Blower / Thrower – a two-stage self-propelled machine designed with large properties and small businesses in mind.
This is also a perfect machine for organisations like doctor’s surgeries and local authority parking areas and shopping concourses.
The machine works by breaking up the snow and ice with a revolving metal auger which forces it into the body of the machine. The auger is fitted with sheer bolts to prevent serious damage should something solid be hit.
Then an impellor takes over and blasts the snow and ice through the exit chute which rotates through 180 degrees. The pitch can also be easily controlled.
The machine is powered by a 277 cc engine especially designed for the freezing weather and has four forward and two reverse gears.
Sixteen in wide wheels have chunky tyres and all the controls are on the instrument panel. A headlight makes it possible to stay working when dusk arrives.
It costs just £799, £500 less than the maker’s recommended retail price. But this price is only while stocks last.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a one year maker’s warranty.
McCulloch two-stage snow blower
Absolute bargain: McCulloch PM55 two-stage snow blower
Second is the McCulloch PM55 Two-Stage Petrol Snow Blower, currently with £400 off the maker’s recommended price.
This one has a Briggs & Stratton Snow Series engine designed to run snow blowers so it can cope with colder weather with ease and has a working width of 61 cm. It has a differential lock to give excellent traction in rough weather.
This too is a two-stage machine which has a strong augur at the front to break up the snow and ice and an impellor to throw it away.
The chute rotates and is controlled from the driving position and the pitch is altered by hand.
Deeply-patterned tyres give excellent grip and snow skids at the front of the machine help the blower glide forward and are adjustable.
It costs £899, £400 off the maker’s recommended retail price and there is free next day delivery and a one year warranty from the manufacturers.
And this next one has a full £1000 off the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.
MD Snowcat snow blower
Easy to drive: MD Snowcat
The MD SnowCAT 2-stage Snow Blower with Caterpillar Tracks is a great machine for anyone with car parks, forecourts and long drives to keep snow free.
The caterpillar tracks give great grip through heavy snow falls and also give great manoeuvrability as the machine can turn in its own length.
A 270cc engine gives plenty of power and it is a two-stage machine, the best way of dealing with heavy falls.
The working width is 70 cm – 28 inches – and it has a working depth of 21 in. and the exit chute is adjustable for direction and pitch.
An electric start help[s you get working quickly and a front headlight means you can work through the night when others sleep.
This snow blower costs £999 and is delivered free the next working day. There is a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

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