Group effort helps family restore flood-hit garden

Group effort helps family restore flood-hit garden
    A massive group effort from the friends of a Withycombe family who lost their garden in floods last year has helped give two children the environment they need to grow up properly.

When Jodie and Daryl Wilkerson moved into their property at the start of 2012, they were looking forward to giving their kids the greatest possible start to life in a beautiful backyard full of wildlife and lush grass, according to the Exmouth Journal.

But when a nearby brook burst its banks in July of the same year, this dream came crashing down as most of the garden was swept away in a massive torrent – leaving what remained as a mud bath that took months to repair.

There were also difficulties negotiating with the insurer to make sure a wall was repaired properly and all of this took so long, that when this summer came around, little Eaton, four and Isaac, one, still didn't have a backyard to play in.

However, Jodie and Daryl's friends decided enough was enough and came together to plan a recovery that would see the two youngsters have the garden to play in that they really wanted.

A group of compatriots contacted the local King's Garden Centre asking for supplies and received a positive response the same day!

The parent's friends then waited for a weekend until Jodie was away and liaised with Daryl to give the garden a top-to-bottom makeover – including a large new lawn and 48 gorgeous plants that have made the yard look absolutely stunning!

Nicole Thomas, one of those involved in the restorative effort, said: "It was a lot of work. We got halfway through and thought there's no way we're going to get there, but we managed to get it all done."

Here at MowDIRECT, we completely understand the devastation of losing a lovely garden to floods and applaud Jodie and Daryl's friends – as well as King's Garden Centre – for mucking in and making two children's lives better!

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