Blind gardener wows locals

Blind gardener wows locals
    Joe Robinson, 74, went blind 20 years ago, but still gardens to this day!

The man, who has absolutely no sight at all, has become a hit with locals and tourists alike because of his colourful garden, according to the Daily Mail.

Even though he will never see the fruits of his labour, Mr Robinson is more than happy to make the community of Crook, in County Durham, even more beautiful than it ever did before.

Although branches and other obstacles sometimes get in the pensioner's way, this doesn't stop him and he uses his deft sense of touch and smell to help him find out what needs watering and trimming.

What a hero! We think Mr Robinson is an inspiration to all sight-restricted gardening enthusiasts out there.

The moral of this story? Nothing can get in between a gardener and his or her flowers!

However, the 74-year-old doesn't grow many roses, so don't expect any gifts ladies: "I love all flowers although I don’t grow as many roses as I once did because of the thorns."

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