Three top log splitters offering great value for money

As this wonderful summer draws to a close, like it or like it not, it is only a matter of a few weeks before the first fires of the autumn will be needed to take the chill off the evenings.
A few hours spent now replenishing the log store are well spent and if you have a pile of old trunks and branches a good log splitter.
So here are three top value high performing machines from our own stable which will do the trick.

MD 5.5 ton log splitter
Neat machine: MD 5.5 ton electrical log splitter
First is the MD 5.5-Ton Electric Vertical Log Splitter
with a 2800 Watt electric motor which has a base plate with three different settings to take maximum lengths from 54 cm, 79 cm and 105 cm.
Strong enough to take all manner of the toughest of woods it has clamps to hold the logs into place when in use and shields to protect the hands and arms.
Although it is strong it is still light enough to move around with transport wheels and a handle.
There is a one year manufacturer’s warranty and free delivery within two to three working days.
It costs £389.95, the maker’s recommended retail price is £599.95.
Tougher woods: MD 7-tin petrol log splitter
Tougher woods: MD 7-ton petrol log splitter
A stronger machine with a petrol engine to develop the splitting power is the MD 7-Ton Petrol Vertical Log Splitter.
This can handle a wider range of twisted or knotted wood and has a Briggs & Stratton 6.5 hp engine to give the power.
The base plate has three positions up to 104 cm letting you adjust the length the ram has to travel, a useful time-saving device of there is a big pile of shorter logs to be split.
Again, it is fitted with transport wheels to move it closer to the log pile. As a safety feature, both hands are needed to operate the splitter and shields protect the user from flying chips.
This one has a one year guarantee from the manufacturers and is delivered free within two to three working days.
The maker’s recommended retail price is £969.95 but we have it for sale for £669.95.
Toughest tasks: MD 10-ton petrol log splitter
Toughest tasks: MD 10-ton petrol log splitter
And the final one in our log splitting family is the MD 10-Ton Vertical Petrol Log Splitter a big beast of a machine with a ZC petrol engine and loads of power to deal with the thickest grained, knotted woods.
It can be moved from place to place with the transport handle and smooth running wheels. And again there are three splitting positions.
Both hands are needed to operate the machine, an excellent safety feature, and there are hand shields to protect the user.
It costs £799, a considerable saving on the maker’s recommended price of £1199 and it is delivered free within two to three working days. It has a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
See our main site for a huge selection of log splitters.

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