Former drug addict starts gardening project

Former drug addict starts gardening project
    A former drug addict has helped to regenerate Studley in Warwickshire through an extensive gardening project.

David Morris, who has now been clean for nearly eight years called on residents in the area to plant hundreds of flowers, vegetables and trees on a local street to make it more attractive, according to the Redditch Standard.

Mr Morris said: "I have lived here for over 15 years and it was just a bit of green here, then brown, then more brown and it just didn't look very nice."

All work was paid for through charity fundraising efforts, as well as generous donations from Sanctuary Housing and Warwickshire Rural Housing Association – both of which operate properties in the area.

Plans are now underway to expand the project by turning a vacant piece of grassland into a garden area, which will provide enjoyment for all the community.

Well done Mr Morris!

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