New weeding device reaches crowdsourcing goal

New weeding device reaches crowdsourcing goal
    A new weeding tool has received significant backing of crowdsourcing website Kickstarter. 

The Ring Weeder, which seeks to make it easier to remove weeds from densely planted areas, has been backed to the tune of $19,235 (£12,397) as of August 9th – its original goal was only $8,000.

It could be perfect for greenfingered people who like to put that little bit of extra effort into maintaining their garden, as the tool allows individuals to remove the whole root in one easy movement.

As its creator Vincent Suozzi says on his Kickstarter page, hand weeding is still the most "convenient method of weed control" and so the device should help reduce the number of weeds that grow back. 

"Vegetable gardens, flower beds and every space in between, they all need to be weeded. We want to improve this process so you spend less time weeding and more time enjoying the fruits of your labour," he added.

Mr Suozzi said the product is a perfect gift, as almost everyone knows at least one person that weeds their own garden. The idea came to him after he used a screwdriver-like tool to weed his garden and decided there had to be a way to complete the process in a quicker and more efficient manner. 

Of course, the Ring Weeder will be great for carrying out the small, fidgety jobs that make the difference between a good and great looking garden. However, a top quality lawnmower is also going to be needed.

For example, the Al-Ko 42 BR-A Power-Driven Petrol Lawn Mower is ideal for those with medium to large sized gardens. According to the manufacturer it combines multiple functions with high-quality German engineering and offers "unbeatable value for money".

As it is rear wheel drive, bumpy terrain and sloping ground does not represent a problem, while there are seven different heights of cut.

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