Mountfield brush cutters on offer to keep the hidden corners in order

A good brush cutter is essential at this time of year as the straggly areas of the garden still seem to grow come rain or shine.
So here are three brushcutters from Mountfield on exclusive special offer and with a wide range of capabilities. And included are the latest four stroke ones which means it is no longer necessary to mix fuel before starting the job.

Mountfield MB2801J brushcutter
Great little worker: Mountfield MB 2801J
A simple little machine is the Mountfield MB2801J Two-Stroke Brushcutter with a 25.4 cc engine and has a line strimmer for the lighter stuff and and a metal blade for the heavy work.
The loop handle makes it easy to use in tight spaces and it also has a shoulder harness.
As an added advantage there is a drive shaft which splits so the machine can be used with other attachments like a hedgetrimmer or pruner.
This machine costs £179 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £209, has a free guarantee from Mountfield and is delivered free the next working day.
And it also has free safety goggles supplied. A number of other extras are available at special prices when you order this machine.
Mountfield MB3302 brush cutter
Tough worker: Mountfield MB3302 brushcutter
Next is a more serious machine, the Mountfield MB3302 Two-Stroke Brushcutter.
This one has great power-to-weight ratio which combined with a full anti-vibration system and double shoulder harness makes working for longer periods less tiring.
Double handlebars make it easier to control especially on banks and ditches with its tough three-toothed blade which is capable of clearing stubborn undergrowth. There is also a tap’n’go strimming line.
Free with this machine is a helmet, safety visor and ear muffs which would normally cost £24.95.
Other extras like spare line, gloves and two-stroke oil are available at special prices.
The maker’s recommended retail price is £279 but we have it for sale for just £239. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year warranty from Mountfield.
And finally, if you want a serious machine the Mountfield MB4252 Four-Stroke Brushcutter might be what you’re looking for.
Mountfield-MB4252-Four-Stroke-Brushcutter-700cThe four-stroke engine produces far fewer emissions and is quieter with fewer vibrations making it ideal for longer periods of use.
The 25 cc engine produces bags of power and the chopper style handles bars make it easy to use especially as it has a double shoulder harness.
The aluminium shaft is resistant to corrosion also helping to keep down the weight of the machine.
As well as a strimming head it has a three-toothed medal blade.
It costs £359 compared with the maker’s price of £449 and there are several extras like mixing bottle, work gloves and replacement line a special prices.
This one has a maker’s warranty for five years and is delivered free the next working day.
Pus there is a safety helmet complete with visor and ear muffs completely free.
See these pages on our site for the full list of Mountfield strimmers and brushcutters.

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