Mower of the week: MD22P Wheeled Strimmer to tackle rough areas of longer grass

Larger rougher areas of long grass and nettle can take ages to clear down with a conventional heavy duty strimmer and that’s where this great little wheeled strimmer mower comes into its own.
The MD 22P Wheeled Trimmer MowerMD-22P-Wheeled-Trimmer-Mower-300cc has a 160 cc engine which powers a trimming head capable of cutting through thick nettles, grass and the like.
This little strimmer can be pushed under tress and established shrubs as it has a snub nose letting you work in difficult to reach areas.
It is also very useful clearing river banks and ditch banks and the like and if it comes across bricks and bits of discarded metal the strimming head will not be damaged.
It has a working width of 56 cm which leads to faster work over large areas and furthermore it has cutting heights adjustable from 35 to 70 mm.
This one is fitted with a deadman’s handle safety device and folding handlebars so it is easy to store and put in the boot when the neighbour wants to borrow it!
It costs only £299, an unbeatable price for such a machine. It is delivered free the next working day and hasa two year guarantee from the manufacturer.
Twelve spare sets of the strimming line can be ordered for only £12.95.

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