Powerful brush cutters from Italy to clean up the rough stuff

Longer grass and rough unkempt areas can destroy the overall appearance of a garden and the latest Italian-made Bertolini scythe mowers are the perfect machines for tackling this.
Often the preferred machine for people owning smallholdings they are really tough and robust and as they can take many different attachments will prove their worth over the whole of the gardening year.
The Bertolini 401 Scythe Mower has a 95 cm cutter bar and is powered by a 4.8 hp Honda GX160 engine and is perfect for cutting through dense grass and undergrowth.
Made for a long life the gears are sealed in an oil bath.
This also has a reverse gear for getting out of those tricky situations and the handlebars can be adjusted for width as well as height and with a vibration damping system it is less tiring to use.
Several attachments are available to fit to this machine for use all over the garden.

Bertolini heavy duty scythe mower
Versatile: Bertolini heavy duty scythe mower
The recommended retail price for this mower is £1799 but we have it for sale for only £1399. Delivery is free within two to three working days and there is a two year domestic guarantee, one year for professional use.
Top of the range from this company is the Bertolini 411/10E Commercial Scythe Mower with Electric Start, a machine which sports a 115 cm cutting blade more than capable of hacking through thick bramble, saplings and long grass.
This one has a 410 cc Lombardini diesel engine with an electric start and a six speed gear box – three forward and three reverse. The wheels are drive independently given it great manoeuvrability.
Further enhancing this is the ability to shuttle quickly between forward and reverse gears making it easier to get out of sticky situations.
There are six height adjustments for the handlebars and a huge range of additional tools which can be fitted without recourse to the tool box.
This model, which comes complete with a 115 cm scythe bar costs £4098 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £5191. Delivery is free within two to three working days.

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