Greenfingered genius ‘hated’ gardening

Even those with touch of the countryside in their veins sometimes need a little nudge out of the back door. It might be a shock to reveal that even the most famous of florists didn't always see eye to eye with the outside world.

Monty Don, the popular presenter of Gardeners' World, has stunned dedicated fans by revealing his childhood gripes with gardening.

The horticulture enthusiast laughed with the Manchester Evening Standard as he shared the secrets of his gardening past: "My mother made me do it. And I hated it. To me, it was just a chore – chopping weeds, feeding the chickens, turning the compost, pruning the strawberries."

It wasn't until later in life that Monty really discovered his passion for plants. He says: "Aged 17, I had a road to Damascus moment" about the pastime and now dedicates his life to gardening.

So it looks like there's hope for any young faces hoping to get stuck into the soil this summer.

The star says that his passion helped him to see past his struggle with depression, as well as staying fit and getting past a bout of peritonitis.

Monty Don joins a host of familiar faces at Manchester's Dig the City event this weekend (August 3rd). Rachel de Thame will also be on the scene, showing garden-lovers just how it's done.

Head down there for yourself and listen to a range of talks by the high-profile guests. Find out about how spending time in the garden can be good for the soul, and pick up some great tips to make the most of your outdoor space.

Finding time to dig in the city can be difficult. Monty says that in tough times, "having your hands in the soil is very healing. It’s now more important than ever that everyone gets access to growing things".

The event will bring flowers and plants to the city centre, revealing just how much greenery can bring to the hustle and bustle. A nine-day celebration of urban gardening, the project hopes to inspire and create among the general public.

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