Largest known pumpkin is big news

Largest known pumpkin is big news
    One man from Herefordshire had the surprise of his life when something in his vegetable patch just went on growing.

Ex-pat Ian Whyatt is the owner of the world's biggest pumpkin, which weighs in at 31 stone!

Currently living in Israel, Mr Whyatt likes to visit his mother back in Little Hampton at least once a year. On a recent visit she gave him a packet of pumpkin seeds for their local gardening centre.

Back in Israel, his six-year-old son, Daniel planted the pips and waited throughout the spring.

Having started out as the runt of the pumpkin litter, Ian nicknamed the gourd Faith, because he had faith she would finally grow. Today the pumpkin weighs over 200 kg and is breaking records across the world.

Ian said: "Once we have cut the pumpkin from the vine we plan to give out free pumpkin to all of our friends followed by a massive pumpkin evening where everyone will bring a pumpkin dish of some sort."

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