Call on the Billy Goat to gobble up the debris

Owners of leisure areas like public parks and playgrounds or of industrial and retail parks are faced with the constant problem of keeping the areas free of rubbish and debris.
A stiff yard broom can always sweep the rubbish but is time-consuming and costly.
American company Billy Goat has a worldwide reputation for manufacturing really tough equipment which will clear up all sorts of general rubbish including cans and bottles and shred it into a collecting bag for ease disposal.

Billy Goat Little Billy
Let the Goat do the work: Billy Goat Little Billy
The simplest little machine is the Little Billy Lawn Vacuum currently on special offer designed to work on either turf where it can collect leaves and debris or on hard surfaces like the edges of swimming polls, tennis courts and parking areas.
Briggs & Stratton powered it has a 20 in sweeping width and has been designed so that it will pick up debris but not the gravel from drives or paths.
There is also an optional hose so you can pick up debris the machine can not reach.
It weighs 61 lb and and has oversized eight in front wheels with heights adjustment to make it suitable for most surfaces.
The seven ft hose kit costs £160 and replacement bags can be purchased.
This vac costs £529 compared with the maker’s recommended cost of £660.
BNilly Goat QuietVac If you have a larger public area to keep clean then the self-propelled Billy Goat QV900HSP QuietVac Outdoor Vacuum could be the ticket. The manufacturers say this is the quietest machine of its type available and it has a six bladed steel shredder fan which will shred litter and debris to one twelfth it original volume in the extra large 225 collector.
The power comes from a 270 cc Honda engine and it has a hydrostatic drive, important for precise control in public areas.
It also has a suction nozzle for the nooks and crannies with an adjustable suction height. And as an added bonus a cyclonic filtration system stops the machine from creating dust.Front castor wheels give superb manoeuvrability and wide pneumatic tyres give extra grip.
Delivery is free within two to three working days and there is a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
It costs £3789, a substantial reduction compared with the maker’s recommended price of £4080

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