Gardeners are all smiles for latest survey

Gardeners are all smiles for latest survey
    There was plenty of good news to go around this week as a new report found that gardening can send your happiness through the roof.

The survey in Gardeners' World revealed that 80 per cent of green-fingers people are satisfied with their lives, compared with only 67 per cent of non-gardeners. A vast majority of the 1,500 adults asked showed that gardening is best pick-me-up around.

Gardeners’ World editor Lucy Hall had long suspected the news. She said: "Part of it comes from nurturing something but also a natural optimism that no matter how bad the weather, there’s always next year. It’s also about passing the seed of knowledge and the pleasure that gives."

When you're down in the dumps it's not hard to see why a spot of gardening can lift your spirits. Being outside and helping things grow can be a real confidence builder as well as rewarding fun.

However, it wasn't only gardening that took centre stage. Those with passions for the outdoor life were also high up on the happiness scales. A massive 78 per cent of walkers were content, along with 75 per cent of anglers. This was compared to 55 per cent of people who said they didn't have any hobbies at all.

Professor of environment and society at the University of Essex, Jules Pretty, said: “Scientific research now clearly shows that engagement with green places is good for ­personal health."

He advises the public to spend more time outside and said: “There would be a large potential benefit to individuals, society and to the costs of the health service if all groups of people were to self-­medicate with ‘green exercise’."

Professor Pretty went on to suggest that this could have a positive impact on our health service system during difficult times.

With a summer full of sun ahead of us, why not step outside and get active in your own garden. Plant petunias, bed in those begonias and get happy!

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