Two great eco-friendly strimmers to keep gardens looking their best

Scruffy lawn and path edges detract from the overall appearance of gardens but using a heavy strimmer can be tiring and smelly fumes don’t help in hot weather. That’s where Greenworks garden equipment comes into its own.

Greenworks 21247 line trimmer
Simple and light: Greenworks 21247 line trimmer
Powered by strong lithium-ion batteries, these machines have the power of most petrol models and are light and easy to use.
The Greenworks 24v Cordless Trimmer/Edger (21247) is simple and reliable to use. It will run for 30 minutes continuously and can be charged at any time.
It has a cutting diameter of 25 to 30 cm and the 1.65 mm nylon line enables you to trim right up to the edge of walls, sheds and leaves path edges with a neat clean finish.
Pleasant to use with few vibrations and low noise levels the shaft turns through 180 degrees to get to those difficult bits.
The maker’s recommended price is £129.95 but have it on offer for just £99.95.
It is delivered free the next working day and has a four year manufacturer’s warranty.
Greenworks 21287 line trimmer
Versatile: Greenworks 21287 line trimmer
The Greenworks 24v Trimmer/Edger with Pivoting Head (21287) is really reliable with 30 minutes running time enough to strim the lawns on most medium sized gardens.
This one has the advantage with it can simply be converted into a lawn edges, complete with a retractable guard. The pivoting head is handy for getting into difficult corners.
Another plus point is that the cutting diameter can be changed from 25 to 30 cm and a variable speed switch adjusts the power to suit the grass you are cutting.
Charging times are much shorter than with conventional batteries. And the charger and battery comes with this model – the charger can be fixed to the wall.
This one costs £129.95, £50 less than the maker’s recommended price.
It has a four year guarantee and is delivered free the next working day.

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