Hot spell hit for UK gardens

Hot spell hit for UK gardens
    Temperatures are on the rise this weekend so you'll be running for that deck chair and rustling up a barbeque snack. Whilst it's important to remember your sunscreen, spare a thought for your plants as well.

Summer weather is on its way, with expected highs of 30 degrees C. After the poor weather seen in winter and spring 2013, plants may find it all the more difficult to adapt to extreme temperatures.

Top hot weather tips include watering your plants outside of peak sun hours to minimise leaf damage. Wake up early to give your garden a pre-breakfast sprinkle with the hose, or a well-needed evening drink.

Plants in shallow containers may struggle in the heat as their roots cannot delve deeper for cooler soil. Move potted plants to more shaded areas throughout the summer.

Keep your garden well-tended this July and August to make sure you get the best blooms possible.

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