Gardener finds surprise in golf clubs

Gardener finds surprise in golf clubs
    A Scotsman was shocked to make quite a discovery in his golf bag.

Jim Nisbet from South Lanarkshire was getting ready to do some gardening when he opened an old bag of golf clubs inside his garage. Inside was a nest of five small eggs!

When he revisited the case five weeks later, he found five snug and healthy robin chicks.

Mr Nisbet revealed a robin had often visited his garden but he never thought the bird was making a home close by. He said: "I hope the golf clubs will help to produce some birdies on the golf course too."

RSPB Scotland official Leianna Padgett said: "Robins can be inventive when it comes to building a nest, occasionally foregoing the conventional nestbox for a safe and snug site elsewhere."

Gardeners should make space for wildlife, but are warned not to touch eggs as many birds will reject young handled by humans.

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