New lithium-ion powered garden tools for the summer

American manufacturers Greenworks produce excellent garden tools, perfect for the warmer days and evenings as they are much lighter than petrol-powered ones and make gardening much more pleasurable.
Lithium-ion batteries weigh much less and and give far more power over longer periods than traditional batteries and have revolutionised electrically-powered gardening equipment.

Greenworks g-max 40V hedgetrimmer
High hedges:Greenworks g-max 40V hedgetrimmer
This is especially so as far as long reach hedge trimmers are concerned so have a look at the Greenworks G-MAX 40v Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer which can run for 75 minutes after charging the battery for only 120 minutes.
The pivoting cutting head has seven positions and can cope with twigs up to 18 mm thick.
It weighs just 3.3 kg, far lighter than petrol-powered ones, an important consideration when cutting the tops of high hedges.
It has an overall reach of between 2.4 to 3.6 metres and the machine has a safety switch to prevent accidental start-up.
The price for the tool, only is £79 compared with the maker’s recommended retail price of £99.95. Remember this is for the tool only and you will need to buy a charger and battery, but once you have these they can be used with other Greenworks machines which are available at special prices if you order them at the same time.
For instance a leaf blower costs just £49 and and strimmer only £59.
This long reach hedge trimmer is delivered free the next working day and has a four year warranty.
Greenworks g-max 40V cordless lawn mower
Terrific mower: Greenworks g-max 40V cordless lawn mower
The Greenworks G-MAX 40Li-40V Lithium-Ion 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower (25347) is currently on special offer and is a great alternative to conventional lawnmowers with either annoying trailing cables or petrol fumes from the exhaust.
With its powerful lithium-ion battery it can tackle lawns up to 500 sq metres on a single charge and be working in comparative silence as well.
It has a cutting width of 40 cm and adjustable cutting heights from 20 to 70 mm. The grass box can hold 50 litres and as a safety device there is a dead man’s handle which cuts the engine when released.
The motors are totally maintenance free, saving both time and money. And rememebr that with a mower powered with a lithium-ion battery there will be no trips to fill up the jerry can with all the cost and inconvenience that entails.
When you buy this mower there are other Greenworks tools available at special prices.
This mower costs £259 – Greenwoork’s recommended price is £339. There is a four year warranty and free next working day delivery.
Greenworks 240V 40 cm chainsaw
Get sawing: Greenworks 240V 40 cm chainsaw
Come the winter and you’ll be looking at the wood pile with concern so now is the time to start cutting up that old pile of logs at the end of the garden.
Petrol chainsaws are all well and good but quite heavy and the answer could well be the Greenworks 240V 40cm Electric Chainsaw.
These machines are simple to handle and can be used for tree pruning much more safely than conventional chain saws.
It has a 40 cm guide bar and a chain from top supplier Oregon and the chain tensioning is easily adjusted by a knob, a great time-saver. And there is a chain oil level indicator as well.
It has a lockable cover as well and there is a switch to stop accidentally starting the machine.
It is delivered free the next working day and has a two year warranty from the makers.
It costs £89.95 compared with the Greenworks’ recommended price of £119.95.
Greenworks 24V cordless hedge trimmer
Keep it neat : Greenworks 24V cordless hedge trimmer
And finally a Greenworks 24V Cordless Hedgetrimmer With Twist Handle Hedgetrimmer, light, simple to use and great value for money.
Weighing in at just 2.24 kg it gives a third more power than conventional battery powered models and will run continuously for 35 minutes.
The dual-reciprocating blades are 56 cm long enabling it to tackle larger hedges with less effort, and the handles rotate at the push of a button so you can tackle corners and shaped hedges more easily.
The hand guide has a transparent hand guard to help safety and accurate working. Plus a safety switch means the hedgetrimmer can not be accidentally fired up.
This machine has a three year warranty from Greenworks.
It costs £89 and is delivered free the next working day.
These are just three machines from the extensive range of Greenworks equipment. Spare batteries and chargers can always be purchased.
And remember, once you have bought one machine with battery and charger you only need the tool if you want anything else in the Greenworks range, a considerable saving is yours.

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