Sustainable garden design showcased at Hampton Court

Sustainable garden design showcased at Hampton Court
    The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show – which is to be hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and will run from July 9th to 14th – is set to feature a very wide range of exciting events that should prove inspirational to gardeners. 

Arguably one of the more topical displays is the Ecover garden, which has been designed by Matthew Childs and is hoped to promote the importance of sustainable practices. 

New technologies are capitalised on in order to make the most of the space – and visitors are actively encouraged to consider the environmental impact of all products they use. 

Strips of sustainably-sourced plastic are used throughout the garden, woven among the flowers and other plants. This highlights the need to save rivers, lakes and oceans all over the world from the potentially disastrous impact of pollution. 

Water is a key aspect of the garden design, with plants carefully situated in such a way that they represent the colour and movement of water. They meander around a gravel path and imposing walls, which are inspired by river gorges and coastal cliffs. 

Mr Childs – who trained at the KLC College of Design at Hampton Court Palace and was awarded a diploma in Garden Design with Honours – said that the fundamental principle behind the garden is the mantra that 'water is life'. 

"We depend upon our aquatic environments, but they are under threat from pollution, including waste plastic in the seas and toxic residues in our rivers and lakes," the designer commented, adding: "We want to encourage more people to think about the products and plastics they use and for them to see recycled and plant-based plastics as a major contributor to the sustainable future of our waterways."

He argued that it is vital action is taken in order to protect such sources. 

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