Three mowers with German engineering

Garden mowers are made all over the world – indeed an increasingly popular brand comes from New Zealand.
But many people look to Germany for reliable, well-engineered machines, so here area three mowers which fit the bill from that country.

Einhell BG-PM 46 lawn mower
Great value: Einhell BG-PM 46 lawn mower
First is the Einhell BG-PM 46 S Self-Propelled 4-Wheeled Petrol Lawnmower a great value for money machine, strongly built with a steel deck and powered by a 3.75 hp engine which automatically decompresses making it especially easy to start.
The 46 cm cutting width makes it suitable for small to medium sized lawns with cutting heights from 32 to 70 mm with five options.
The deck is powder coated steel for a longer life and the drive can be disengaged for when turning at the end of the row or manoeuvring in tight corners.
The grass box holds 60 litres and with the large petrol tank you can keep mowing for longer periods.
This mower is currently on sale for £219.95, £100 off Einhell’s recommended retail price.
Plus there is free delivery the next working day and a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
Al-Ko 46 BRA lawn mower
German special: Al-Ko 46 BRA lawn mower
Another major garden machinery manufacturing company from Germany is Al-Ko and their 46BRA Power-Driven 4-in-1 Petrol Lawn Mower has a powerful 140 cc engine at its core. This too has been designed to start easily and quickly.
The 46 cm cutting deck allows collecting in the grass box, discharge to the rear or side or the clippings can be mulched and returned to the lawn. The deck has a five year domestic warranty.
Cutting heights are from 30 to 75 mm through five positions and the 65 litre grass box has an indicator so you can when it is full thus avoiding leaving clumps of grass on freshly cut lawns.
Larger wheels also make it easier to turn and give better grip.
This mower costs £289, is delivered free the next working day and has a two year warranty from Al-Ko.
Einhell BG-PM 51 shw lawn mower
Electric start: Einhell BG-PM 51 shw lawn mower
Now back to Einhell for the third machine. The Einhell BG-PM 51SHW-E 4-in-1 Hi-wheel Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower with Electric Start is a high spec machine for a bargain price and is packed with top features.
The electric start is a great boom – just turn the key and away you go. Plus it has a wide cutting width making it suitable for larger lawns and properties.
This too can deal with all sorts of grass as the clippings can be discharged to the back or side when cutting rougher areas or collected in the 70 litre grass box or mulched and returned to the side where they rot down and become a useful lawn nutrient.
The high wheels are ball bearing mounted so they won’t stiffen with age and a grass comb at the front smooths the lawn before it is cut leading to an even finish.
The engine is Einhell’s own 163 cc model with lower emissions.
The recommended retail price for this mower is £369.95 compared with Einhell’s recommended retail price of £519.95.
And delivery is free the next working day.

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